The Trail

Capital Area Green Belt – Trail Directions


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Mileage listed is (section mileage / total mileage)Legend: GP – Gravel Path, K – Kiosk (Map), PA – Parking Area, PB – Pedestrians/Bicycles Only, PP – Paved Path, PR – Public Road

Swatara Township/Cameron Parkway
  • The Cameron Parkway intersects Cameron St. just south of Quigley’s Restaurant and Elliot St.
  • Follow the Cameron Parkway along Spring Creek to an underpass at 19th St.(PB, PP, PA, and K, 0.75 /0.75 mi)
  • From the 19th St. Underpass follow the Cameron Parkway to SR 441 ((PB, PP, PA, and K, 0.86 /1.61 mi).
  • Cross SR 441 and go to the traffic light at Paxton and 32nd Sts. (PB, PP, and K, 0.39 /2.00 mi).
Paxtang/Penbrook/Reservoir Park
  • Cross Paxton St. to Park View Ln. going right to the Rutherford House entrance on left (PR, 0.18 /2.18 mi).
  • Pass through the Rutherford House property and cross bridge to Paxtang Avenue (PB, GP, 0.10/2.28 mi).
  • At Paxtang Ave. turn left and go through an underpass to a traffic light at Derry St. (PR, 0.16 /2.44 mi).
  • At Derry St. turn left and go to the Paxtang Parkway just east of bridge over a creek (PR, 0.15 /2.59 mi).
  • At the Paxtang Parkway turn right and go to 28th and Market Sts. (PB, PP, PA, and K, 1.35 /3.94 mi).
  • Cross 28th/ Market Sts. to Parkway Blvd. and go to Reservoir Park at Rivington Terrace (PR, 0.33 /4.27 mi).
  • Enter park/go to a Y with NCW Museum Dr. /bear right and go to Walnut St.(PR, 0.46 /4.73 mi).
Harrisburg/Susquehanna Township
  • Cross Walnut St. to North Parkway Dr. and go to Herr St. (PR, 0.35/5.08 mi).
  • Cross to the NW corner of the intersection of Herr and Edgemont onto trail that goes along Edgemont Rd. to cemetery entrance on left (PR, PP, 0.14 /5.22 mi).
  • Pass through cemetery to exit on western boundary (PP, 0.22 /5.44 mi).
  • From cemetery exit follow path to/along Stanley Dr. to Pine Dr. (PP, PR, 0.45/5.89 mi).
  • At Pine Dr. go straight to Sycamore Dr. on the former state hospital grounds(PP, 0.33/6.22mi).
Former Harrisburg State Hospital Grounds (GSA Annex Complex)
    • At Sycamore Dr. turn left and travel to a driveway (old road) off S. Circle Dr.(PB, PP, and K, 0.44/6.66 mi).

[At Sycamore Dr. go straight on path along Sycamore Dr. to the Asylum Run Link; the link follows Asylum Run to Veterans Park crossing State Farm Dr. (PB, PP, 1.41/8.07 mi).]

  • At driveway off S. Circle Dr. go straight and follow path to the Farm Show Complex via the Cameron St. underpass (PB, PP, 0.23/6.89mi).
Farm Show/HACC/Wildwood Lake
    • After passing under Cameron St. turn right and go along the east side and then along the north side of the Farm Show Complex to a traffic light at Wildwood Park Rd. and the entrance to HACC (PB, PP, 0.42/7.31 mi).
    • Cross Wildwood Park Rd. into the HACC campus on HACC Dr. and go to a stop sign, Alumni Dr. (PR, 0.26/7.57 mi).
    • At stop sign turn left and go to a service road (runs behind Stabler Hall/Rose Lehrman Arts Center) (PR, 0.10/7.67 mi).
    • At the service road turn right and go straight to the Wildwood Conference Center (PR, 0.30/7.97 mi).
    • At the conference center turn left and go to parking lot W-12 (BP/PR, PP, 0.10/8.07 mi).
    • At parking lot W-12 turn right and go along the lot’s east side and then turn left and go along the lot’s north side to Nancy Rocky Rd. (PR, 0.08/8.15mi).
    • Follow Nancy Rocky Rd. to parking lot N-1 for North Hall [Safety Training Center] (PR, 0.24/8.39 mi).
    • At lot N-1 turn left; go along the lot’s south side then right onto the exit road to a stop sign (PR, 0.10/8.49 mi).
    • At the stop sign cross to path that goes along HACC entrance #5 access road and along the east side of Industrial Rd. (PB, PP, PA, 0.29/8.78 mi).
    • At Industrial Rd. turn right (pass under I-81) and go to Wildwood Way (PR, PA, 0.07/8.85 mi).
    • At Wildwood Way turn right and go to the path on the east side of the Nature Center (PR, PA,0.37/9.22 mi).

[An alternate route is to take the towpath along the west side of Wildwood Lake]

  • Follow the path around Wildwood Lake to Industrial Rd. (PB, PP, PA, 1.68 /10.90mi).
Susquehanna Township/North Harrisburg
  • At Industrial Rd. turn right and go to Linglestown Rd. (PR, 0.17/11.07 mi).
  • At Lingelstown Rd. turn left and go to Sixth St. (PR, 0.19/11.26).
  • At Sixth St. turn left (pass under I-81) and go to the Green St. Extension (PR, 1.09/12.35 mi).
  • At the Green St. Extension turn right and go to Green St. (PR, 0.18/12.53 mi).
  • At Green St. turn left and go to Graham St. (PR, 1.04/13.57 mi).
  • At Graham St. turn right and go to Front St. (PR, 0.17/13.74 mi).
Riverfront Park/South Harrisburg
    • Cross Front St., turn left, and follow the path to a ramp at Front and Maclay Sts. (PB, PP, 1.30/15.04 mi).

[An alternate route is to stay on the upper path and go down the ramp at Cumberland St. or Walnut St.]

  • Go down the ramp to the path and go to a ramp under the I-83 bridge (PB, PP, 2.41/17.45 mi).
  • Go up the ramp, go right, and follow the path along the PennDOT building (PB, GP, and K, 0.30/17.75 mi).
  • At the one-way lane turn right and go along the Susquehanna River to a Y (PR, PB, GP, 0.18/17.93mi).
  • At the Y bear left, cross an old bridge, and go to an access road for the True Temper plant off of Cameron St. (PB, GP, 0.74/18.67 mi). [An alternate route is to go straight at the Y and go along the Susquehanna River to Paxton Creek and back along the railroad to the old bridge].
  • Cross the access road and follow the path to the Cameron Parkway (PB, GP, K, PA, and 0.24/18.91 mi).